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ORMOC IS now under a State of Calamity because of the dengue epidemic. It was declared such on the evening of August 7, after the Health Board and the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council recommended its declaration to Mayor Richard Gomez. 

The city council, on the other hand, convened for a special session on this afternoon, August 8, to pass a resolution declaring the city under a state of calamity. The resolution was passed on mass motion by the council members. 

In both instances, city disaster risk reduction management officer Ciriaco Tolibao, City Health Department OIC Dr. Edmund Kierulf, and infectious disease monitor nurse Elsie Jaca were present to clarify questions on the need for the declaration.  read more

DUE TO the alarming rise of dengue cases in Ormoc City, as well as the recent declaration of the Department of Health (DOH) of dengue outbreaks in the entire country, this city’s health department will do a “Brigada Kontra Dengue” on August 9, Friday, to once more raise awareness of the infection and get community cooperation. 

Leyte Province and Tacloban City, like other parts of the country, have already issued declarations of calamity, to pave the way for the release of their quick response funds, which will be used to combat the outbreaks. Other outbreaks and similar declarations have also been reported in other parts of the country.  read more

ORMOC CITY – In another unprecedented move by President Rodrigo Duterte, and with a record 24-hour compliance time, he ordered the stoppage and closure of all Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) outlets, all its gaming activities, to include lotto and small town lottery STL.

Here in this city, the Ormoc City Police Office (OCPO), under the leadership of Police City Director Col. Armel S. Gongona, immediately went to work, complying with the directive of the President Duterte. 

According to Police Lt. Col. Joel R. Camacho (Deputy City Director for Operation, OCPO), the OCPO started their rounds in the city to implement the directive of PRRD right away on July 27, 2019, the day after PRRD’s announcement. On that same day, the OCPO reported 100% closed PCSO outlets though they are yet to identify how many exactly the lotto outlets are in the city.  read more

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