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Mayor Codilla lambasts Power FM, Lucy Gomez for free clinic

PHOTO SHOWS the 2009 business plates issued by the city. According to Emil Tingson, city licensing officer during the public hearing on the proposed revenue code, these will once more be replaced this year because some are already destroyed. The new plates, he said, will be good for another three years and will cost businessmen P250.00.

• Twits Lucy for her “picture-picture” and says he does not put his picture, name in projects, even before P-Noy

MAYOR ERIC Codilla, in the city- sponsored program “The Local Executive” over the local cable TV here aired this week, lambasted a local FM station for alleged political bias and congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez for putting up her picture even in medical missions that she is not spearheading.
The mayor bared his irritation over Power FM which did a medical mission last December as its anniversary offering to the public, with the help of city health doctors and other sponsors, including the congresswoman.
He said the FM station is “magpa-pretend nga neutral nga hilig man diay” adding that the station doesn’t even care to praise his accomplishments. “Wa gani mudayeg sa ato trabaho”, the mayor said of the FM station.
He also criticized the free clinic, saying that if it wants to do a medical mission, it should do it on its own and not ask for any help from others. “Kini nga radio station … free clinic kuno… Ikaw magpaunsa, ikaw gasto” adding that it was “mga kawani sa syudad, mao didto”.
He added that he had also called the attention of the city health on the matter, saying the city health doctors were there without his knowledge and permission. “Ngano didto man na nga mga doctor? Kinsa nag-authorize?”, he posed.
The mayor added he does not even believe in these free clinics because everyday, the same services can be had at the city’s health center. “Kada adlaw didto… naay free clinic”, he said.
He also said “Ang ako lang wala magustuhi, ngano naa may picture sa politico”, apparently referring to Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez, a tarpaulin of which was prominently displayed at the medical mission, among others.
He also called Lucy as “mahilig sa picture-picture” and said she was fond of making “series” or ride-on for free. “Kung tabang, tabang” , he said, adding that he was not fond of putting his pictures on his projects, even if these were major accomplishments.
He said that he has already made it a policy not to put his picture in his various projects and programs, even before Pres. Noynoy Aquino sat in power.
On their part, Huge Hugo, station manager of the beleaguered Power FM, answered that Mayor Codilla is entitled to his own opinion but added that they even invited them (the LGU) first to co-sponsor the medical mission.
However, he said that of those invited, Lucy was the first to respond.
Lucy, he said, donated medicines for the free clinic. Other sponsors were the Energy Development Corp., An Waray, Globe, NBI and even fraternities and sororities came to help in their “Pamasko na Serbisyo”.  The free clinic was held at the Gaisano Riverside Mall grounds.
“Most of the sponsors brought their own tarps”, he pointed out. Unfortunately, the city health doctors did not bring a tarpaulin to display in the area. “Brod Huge” as callers usually call him, added that in the acknowledgement of sponsors, they have always included the mayor’s name.
As for not asking for his permission to join the activity, “Brod Huge” said they wrote a formal invitation to the mayor through Dra. Nelita Navales, city health officer.
And because the city health doctors came, they presumed it was with his blessing. “Kay kun way basbas niya, ngano didto man mga doctor sa city health?”, Brod Huge posed.
He also noted that the city health doctors left early. They started at 9:00 AM and the doctors left at around 11:00 AM. He said they did not think much about it because the doctors had earlier told them they could not stay long as they had their Christmas party in the afternoon.
As for allegations that they had political leanings, Brod Huge said that “to conclude that this is pamolitika (is) mabaw ra kaayo. We gave due credit to all those who helped including the mayor because the city health was there”.

MAYOR ERIC CODILLA distributes notebooks and pencils to elementary students from a private school. On the cover is his picture. Source: www.ormoc.gov.ph

On the other hand, a businessman called up this paper to air his misgivings regarding the TV airing. Requesting that he remains unnamed, he said he was bothered by the propriety of the mayor lambasting Ormocanons over a city-paid information hour and turning it into a political program.
“Lucy and her family are taxpayers of Ormoc”, he said, and feels it is unfair that the mayor was using government money to criticize its taxpayers.
Elvie Roman-Roa, the host of “The Local Executive” has confirmed that the city sponsors the TV program. By Lalaine M. Jimenea

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