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P-Noy warns LCE’s from using 4P’s to threaten recipients

Pres. Benigno Aquino III (seated fourth from the left on stage) listens to LP mayoralty bet for Maasin Rosette Y. Lerias as she makes her short speech.

Pres. Benigno Aquino III (seated fourth from the left on stage) listens to LP mayoralty bet for Maasin Rosette Y. Lerias as she makes her short speech.

MAASIN CITY – President Benigno Aquino III was clear about it. He is warning re-electionist mayors and governors against using the 4P’s program in their politics. 

The President, who was in this city afternoon of Friday, April 26, said he has heard reports from various parts of the country that mayors and governors, especially re-electionists who are not with the Liberal Party, are threatening recipients that they will be stricken off the list if they are not re-elected.

The President said that unfortunately, some local chief executives are just “may K … kakapalan ng mukha.”

P-Noy said that the 4P’s program is a national program. “That is not their (LGU’s) program. National ‘yan, implemented by the DSWD”, he said.

The identification of beneficiaries, he added, was done by the national agency and continuous assessment is being done to make sure that the intended recipients are worthy of it. 

He said that the only reason why a recipient can be stricken off the list is when they violate the conditions of the subsidy program. The implementation of the 4P’s program is “walang halong politika” and should not be used by incumbents to threaten recipients.

He advised to voters on what to do if threatened by their mayors and governors about being stricken off the list.

“First, kun takutin kayo na tanggalin, sabihin niyo sa kanila na uunahan na ninyo sila at kayo ang tatanggalin namin sa Mayo a-trese. Second, kun magpatuloy pa rin, isumbong niyo sa akin, ako na ang bahala”, he said to a rousing cheer of the audience gathered at the plaza where the Liberal Party political rally was held.

P-Noy said that as of press time, there are now 3.9-million families enrolled in the program all over the country. Some 18,457 are in Southern Leyte, he said.

In comparison to the previous Arroyo administration, only around 800,000 were enrolled in the program all over the country, despite the fact that the funds for it were available.

“Why have we been able to do that (enroll 3.9-million people) that the previous (Arroyo) administration was not able to? Maybe because they had a different agenda”, the President said.

He also urged the audience to vote for his partymates. “Do you want to progress or retrogress”, he asked in Filipino. That is why, he added, it was important that “iboto ang tinood nga nagpakabana ug di nato palabjon ang higayon” (to vote for the right people and let us not pass up on this chance to change the status quo). The audience laughed heartily at the President’s attempt to speak in Maasinhon, which is mixed Bisaya and Surigaonon, which he said was taught to him by Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas.  By Lalaine M. Jimenea

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