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Mayor bans nighttime extraction, operation of sand and gravel quarries

ORMOC CITY – Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez has banned the extraction of sand and gravel from all rivers of the city, fol-lowing reports that permittees are taking advantage of the dark hours to extract and haul sand and gravel to escape paying fees. In executive order No. 24 issued today, June 26, Gomez ordered to “prohibit all sand and gravel operations and/or other mining activities (extraction, crushing, hauling and transport, etc.)” from 7 o’clock in the evening to 5 o’clock in the morning.

Mayor Gomez said that, “LGU Ormoc received reports from the residents of concerned barangays that extraction, haul-ing and other mining activities and/or operations were being conducted during night time and even until dawn to do away with the checkers and/or payment of fees.

”The Gomez administration has increased the hauling fees of SAG to P 40.00 per cubic meter, increasing the city’s income by to more than P 20-million in 2017.

He added that the “extraction, crushing, hauling and other mining activities and/or operations that were being conducted… produces so much noise, pollution, and other disturbances to the residents of the community near the extraction and/or operation areas.” In an interview, Mayor Gomez said he has already disseminated the EO to the concerned parties, including the Ormoc police.

By Lalaine Marcos

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