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2 killed in shootout with buy-bust operatives

ORMOC CITY – Two alleged drug personalities, including a barangay chairman, are dead after a buy-bust operation was done by regional and city anti-drug police operatives at Brgy. Punta, this city, at around 9:00 PM of September 11 (Tuesday). The victims were identified as Eric Enecio y Manansala, in his mid 30’s, the son of a prominent family here, and Peter Ablen y Dinoy, 41, barangay chairman of District 16 and a cook by profession. The target of the buy-bust, it was learned, was Enecio. He was reportedly in the region’s “high value target” list.

The buy-bust was done by joint elements of the regional drug enforcement unit (RDEU) led by Sr. Insp. Dino Goles and personally supervised by Supt. Harry Sucayre, chief of the RDEU 8, and Ormoc City Police Office-Police Station 3 personnel led by Sr. Insp. Parangan, OIC.

Report obtained from the police blotter in Police Station 3 says the two reportedly fired at the police operatives when the buy-bust was announced.

In the blotter report, the two alleged drug personalities were immediately brought to the Ormoc District Hospital after the alleged shootout but were announced dead on arrival.

In a body search done at the hospital, the police reported recovering several pieces of plastic sachets of different sizes containing “white crystalline powder suspected as shabu” and marked money to include P 15,000.00 in fake bills, aside from personal belongings. The dead body also had an empty holster on his waist. The police also impounded a Toyota Grandia with Temporary Plate No. 1201-0100744 “for safekeeping.”

From the body of Ablen, the police reported recovering a magazine of a Cal. 45 pistol loaded with 7 bullets and 7 sachets of different sizes containing suspected shabu, aside from money.

Ablen’s family, through a cousin, on the other hand, said Ablen was a police asset. They are angry at the claim that he fought back, saying he was partially paralyzed after a stroke and could not possibly fire a gun. They also believe that Ablen was also targeted because he other hand, did not issue a statement. However, his mother Laura, commented on her FB account “Binggot Oicene” that “What they did to my son was BULLSEYE SPLATTER TARGET. 13 shots.”

Meanwhile, the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) who processed the site of the alleged shootout reported recovering one Cal. 45 Colt pistol with Serial No. 476201 loaded with six bullets and another one jammed in the chamber, 13 pieces empty cartridge of a 9mm pistol, 3 pieces of empty cartridge of M16 rifle, and one sachet of suspected shabu.

Sr. Supt. Ceazar Biso, Ormoc City Police Director, on the other hand, said he believes that members of the city drug enforcement unit is due for revamp and is asking for clearance from the regional director to do the same. He pointed out the successful bust was carried out by the regional unit. Information has reached him that Enecio has been pushing and using his Punta address as a drug den for a longish time already.

On the other hand, information reaching this writer says that there were two city policemen with Enecio and Ablen when the buy-bust happened, but the two escaped. Biso did not deny nor confirm the information.

Biso added that there was no need for Ormoc to be alarmed about a resurgence of drugs because “in a scale of 1-10 mga 2 to 3 pa ang drug prevalence dito” and promised an intensif ied anti-drugs operation. He also wants to maintain Ormoc’s status as the “safest city” in the country for one and a half years now. By Lalaine Marcos

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