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Espinido calls Ormocanons taga-bukid

ORMOC CITY – Ch. Insp. Jovie Espinido, former Re-gional Drug Enforcement Unit chief in Eastern Visayas at the height of the drug infestation in the city, has called Ormocanons ‘tagabukid’ (hicks in English) for idolizing actors and actresses, even the professionals and rich people.

“..Di ta mahibung, ang mga tawo usahay diha, dili sa pagdaot ba, magluhod-luhod og kanang mga artista, murag taga-bukid ba nga ang artista kahadlukan, mga propesyo-nal ug mga datu man unta ning mga taga Ormoc,” he said in an interview with Magdaleno Estremos aired on radio Tuesday, October 23.

Espinido also took a potshot at Mayor Richard Gomez, the country’s top actors in his prime, as “way buot. (immature)”Espinido was interviewed for his reaction after Mayor Richard Gomez revealed to a group of barangay officials that his name was No. 118 in the President’s list of drug protectors.

He said he had been informed about it by Crame, but again blamed the mayor for putting his name on the list through his connections in the police force. Mayor Gomez, on the other hand, said the list comes from the President, not him. There are of-ficial copies of the list in Congress. Mayor Gomez also said that Espinido’s deriding Ormocanons is also a reflection of how his prin-cipals regard Ormoc. “How can they talk of dignity, of respecting Ormo-canons nga batos lang nila, ana ang pagtan-aw sa Ormocanon?,” he said.

Ormoc City, which was la-beled the “Drug Capital of Eastern Visayas” by Dangerous Drugs Board chairman Antonio “Bebot” Villar himself in an online column written for the Manila Times in 2015, has now been declared as “drug-cleared” under Mayor Rich-ard Gomez, a known anti-drug abuse advocate.

It is also the country’s safest city for 2017 and this year, also made possible under Gomez’s leadership.

Meanwhile, some Ormocan-ons who heard themselves labeled as “tagabukid” for having an actor as Mayor have taken offense to it. Jerwin Tude Capuyan, the country’s No. 1 passer of the Spe-cial Licensure Examinations for Teachers, posted “Hilasan ko aning mga taga-syudad nga kung mak-agamit sa pulong nga “taga-bukid” murag si kinsa.

Unya’g taga-bukid, dautan?Kahinumdom lang ko’s giingon sa akong apuhan nga mas maayo na lang ang taga-bukid kay bisan kubalon og tiil og kamot sigurado nga hamis og lubot. Samtang ang uban taga-syudad, lubot ang gipangkubalan.” Capuyan is the proud son of farmers in Brgy. Sabang Bao who have been able to put their children to college. Netizens have also taken to labeling themselves #ProudTagaBukid or #TagaBukid, saying there is nothing wrong with being “mountain people” because they were among the people feeding the nation.

Gomez supporters, especially millenials, have taken to the hashtag with gusto and is using it as an “up you’re a..” to address the mayor’s detractors. Fans of Sharon Cuneta, Kathryn Bernardo and steady Daniel Padilla, Liza Lorena, Freddie Webb, Tommy Esguerra and Joross Gamboa who have been in this city for two weeks now for a shooting of “Three Words to Forever” have taken up the #TagaBukid, too.

On Wednesday, after preparations for a shooting scene at the King’s Bargain Center was noticed by Ormocanons and visitors, court interpreter Jotham Lopez posted, “Shooting nila Sharon sa may McDo to BDO Ormoc City area karon 3pm. Bahalag taga bukid ko basta motanaw jud ko.” The post got 16 shares immediately.

Netizen Rossana Rossi adopted it to describe her joy in watching the Car Show at Robinsons Place Ormoc on October 26. She said good-naturedly, “Hala ang mga #TagaBukid nanga uwat sa mga dagko kaayog Truck. Pastilan ning “Tagabukid” na sulti oi kinsa man jud nag una una ani ba, mosamot jud ni ka bibo ang Ormoc nua #carshowatrobinson #lingawasamgatagabukidoi.”

Couple Pocholo and Debbie Franco, who had the opportunity of being extras in one of the movie scenes for “Three Words to Forever” shared that together with other extras, they will watch the movie when it premieres in the city and as soon as they will see themselves on screen, will stand up and proudly shout, “tua ra ang mga taga-bukid” or hicks. “Hicks,” according to the English dictionary, a person who lives in the country, regarded as being unintelligent or provincial.

Synonyms are country bumpkin, yokel, rustic, and peasant. On the other hand, singer-actress Sharon Cuneta, who attended the mayor’s State of the City Address last October 18, posted on her Instagram that she was in awe of what the Mayor has done for Ormoc. “When he made that SOCA in superdome and presented how much Ormoc has developed and become better.

My god I had no idea this used to be like a drug capital here,” the megastar told her fans. “Lucy was telling me all of that… I was so shocked and Richard, when he took on this I didn’t realize he was taking on a job that would make him risk his life and even his family’s,” the Megastar said.

Cuneta also added that just she wasn’t praising Gomez because they were friends: “I’m not just saying this because I know Richard forever and he’s my friend and my leading man, but he just turned Ormoc into a city that is so now-desirable to visit and that didn’t used to be the case.”

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