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Moira, other artists in Ormoc for free concert on Dec. 28

SINGER MOIRA dela Torre, the voice behind the successful revival of “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko” which was the theme song of top-grosser “The Hows of Us,” will be in Ormoc City on December 28, in a free concert for all to be held at the City Stage.

She will be performing together with the comic duo Divine Tentay and Iyah Mena and the Filipino reggae band “Tropical Depression.” Local artists will also be performing.

Moira, who disappointed fans from these parts a few months ago after “fake news” spread that she was coming for a concert, will finally visit Ormoc City in “Halad Pasalamat,” as part of the City’s year-end thanksgiving celebration for a fruitful 2018. The evening will be capped by a grand fireworks display.

Her concert is expected to generate around 30,000 people, not only from the City but other places, even from Samar.

The concert caps various activities and event hosting by the Ormoc LGU, among them this week’s Regional Schools Press Conference and Regional Festival of Talents which brought in more than 8,000 teachers and students from all over Eastern Visayas.

On December 21, early evening, will be another awaited activity, the “Parade of Lanterns and Awit ug Padaygon.”Mayor Richard Gomez encourages the holding of events in Ormoc City to generate visitors. Next year, another major activity is the Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Meet 2019. Ormoc is the defending champion and the city’s athletes have been training hard to retain the crown.

The LGU’s hosting of Moira’s concert was questioned by opposition councillor Lea Doris Villar when the payment for her talent fee was brought up before the city council. Villar said she found Moira’s talent fee expensive compared to transitional shelters which only cost P 29,000 each. The matter of the transitional shelter was also a matter taken up during that council session.

Ormoc Development Team councillor Bennet Pongos, on the other hand, said that Villar was not in the “right path if we compare an apple to a different fruit. Comparing shelter to entertainment, they have their own noble objectives, so comparing the price of that and comparing the price of the shelter is, I think, not right because they have different objective.”

Pongos added that the concert is for the general public and “this is actually also celebrated during a very special occasion which is the Christmas Season, the end of the current year and the coming of the New Year.”

Pongos also pointed out that “this is not the first time that they (tourism office) have actually produced an activity and we have seen in the past that they are very successful in the past productions… a lot of people were able to enjoy and we have been hearing very good comments, and now the people, especially the masses are able to participate and witness very big concerts which in the past can only be participated or joined by those who can afford. So, finally, the Government is really using the resources in order to entertain the people.”

Rosario Serafica, city accountant, on the other hand, told the council that the hiring of Moira has been done through negotiated procurement since their service is “artistic skills.” The city accountant said that hiring artists fall “under the scientific, scholarly or artistic work exclusive technology and media services in Section 53.6 of the Philippine Government Procurement Act and the revised IRR of RA 9184.” By L. Marcos

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