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Getting to know Matt Torres

MATT TORRES, younger brother of Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez, is an enigma. He defies stereotyping. 

While some people look down on their noses at tattooed young men, little do they know that beneath the 6-foot lady charmer with a prominent tattoo on his left arm, the “easy go lucky” Matt was a consistent honor student from Kinder to High School and even graduated Class Salutatorian at the St. Paul’s School in Ormoc City.

Not only that, he is a graduate of Business Management, Major in Legal Management of the De LaSalle University. Currently, he is taking up his Masters in Business Administration at the Perpetual Help College in Manila, while helping Lucy as one of her political affairs officer.  read more


Getting to know Toto Locsin

TOTO LOCSIN Jr., 38, is a man of few words. The longest speech he’s made so far is three minutes. He prefers to do things rather than talk and solving problems by acting on them. He’d rather walk the talk than talk the talk.  

He is Richard Gomez’s running-mate in the Liberal Party for vice-mayor of Ormoc. Toto Jr. is not new to politics. He is the youngest son of former congressmen Carmelo and Vicky Locsin.

Toto Jr. has the credentials to make a good vice mayor. He is a Business Administration, Major in Marketing graduate from the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde.   read more


ORMOC CITY –  The identity of a young man who was stabbed and robbed at the vicinity of the plaza here last week is now known to the police after they called a cell phone number found in one his pants pockets. 

The dead young man was identified as Mark John Lester Coma, 18, from Brgy. Pulang Bato, Almeria, Biliran who was passing by Ormoc City on his way to Bohol.

Witnesses claimed that the young man was killed by two rowdy Maranao youth dawn of November 9, as he strolled at the road behind the fire substation. His father Henry, 43, surmised that the young man could have missed the boat and decided to while his time away at the plaza area, not knowing it was a dangerous place. read more

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