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2 Ormocanons win film award

By Vincent Amodia & Francis Nylle Pagador (OJT-ACLC Senior High)

ORMOC HAS another rea-son to celebrate this week. “Bato Bato Pik,” a short film directed by two young Or-mocanons Adrian Sanque and Lorys Plaza won “Best Short Film” in the Sine Ka-bataan 2018 held at Makati City on August 19, 2018.

Sanque and Plaza, and their two actors Vinuz Finn and Ephraim John Castro, were high school classmates. They are now Senior High students.

The National Youth Com-mission (NYC) celebrates the 2nd year of Pista ng Pelikulang Pili-pino (PPP) and also its leg ‘Sine Kabataan 2018”. Sine Kabataan is open to all film-makers ages 15-30 years old. Entries should depict the youth’s perception on the fol-lowing issues: Health (Teenage pregnancy, HIV/Aids, Mental Health, Adolescent disability), Education (Out of school youth, Bullying, Lack of access), Security and Peace Building (Youth in con-flict with law, Youth in conflicted areas, Youth in peace building, Digital or online safety), and, Family Values (Violence against children, Abandonment, Effects of migration). read more

By Marie Tonette Grace Marticio

TACLOBAN CITY – The Com-mission of Population expressed alarm over the increasing num-ber of adolescents getting preg-nant in Eastern Visayas.

According to POPCOM Exec-utive Director Juan Antonio Perez, the numbers have increased from 9,094 adolescent pregnancies (4.3%) in Eastern Visayas in 2014, it went up to 9,483 (4.5%) in 2015.

“We are worried na dito sa Region 8, tumataas pa rin ang adolescent pregnancies maski sa ibang regions bumaba na,” he pointed out.

He added that although the numbers of adolescent pregnancy have decreased from 209,000 in 2014 to 207,000 in 2015 all throughout the Philippines, they noted that Leyte, Samar, Northern Samar and Eastern Samar have increased in number. read more

LAPINIG, NORTHERN SAMAR –More or less 50 armed men be-lieved to be members of the New People’s Army (NPA) attacked and overran the Municipal Police Station in this town on Friday (August 10) at around 1:44 A.M.According to Northern Samar Police Provincial Office (NSPPO) the reds led by a certain Marmar on board two elf dump trucks and motorcycles were armed with Uzis, M14s, M16s, M203s and K3 submachine gunsThey engaged in a 30-minute firefight with seven PNP person-nel who were on duty during the attack, which resulted to the wounding of PO2 Gerry Quilecol and PO1 Edison Aguirre.They also carted away 10 M16, 2 glock and 1 barreta pistols, 1 laptop and 1 USB flash disk owned by their Chief Pins. Noli Montibon, and escaped towards the direction of Arteche, Eastern Samar.Meanwhile, PInsp. Noli Mon others who were reported missing earlier were all accounted at around 6 A.M. PSupt. Bella Rentuaya, PRO8 Information officer said proper investigation of the incident is now being conducted for possible identification of the suspects and in order to determine the exact items recovered by the enemy. “Hot pursuit operation is ongoing by the Regional Moblie Force Battalion (RMFB) and Provincial Mobile Force Company (PMFC) in coordination with the army counterparts in the area. We also alerted all police stations to continuously conduct target hardening measures and establish checkpoints in all entrance and exit in their respective areas of responsibility,” she added. Lapinig is a coastal town and the boundary of Northern and Eastern Samar with 15 brgys. read more

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