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BAYBAY CITY administrator Deogracias Pernitez (standing at the front) answers questions from stakeholders of four remote villages encompassed by a World Bank funded project implemented in the city some 10 years ago. Also at the front are the World Bank consultants who came to evaluate the progress of the project and ARCDP executives.

BAYBAY CITY – While the World Bank has criticized alleged corruption in the country in some of its funded project, officials of this city are happy to note that the same prestigious institution was all praises for how they had implemented a WB funded project in their midst. In a recent visit to this city to inspect the progress of their funded project, two WB executives were all praises to how the funds were implemented, and more importantly, how it has created a huge impact on its beneficiaries and how they are taking care of it very well. read more

ORMOC CITY – This city’s Rice Production Enhancement Program (RPEP), one of the 19 finalists in the 2008 Search for Galing Pook Awards, did not make it to the top ten of the awards after results were bared this week.

The Galing Pook award is for cities and municipalities with innovative projects and leaders, “the beacons of good governance”, as the Galing Pook Foundation itself describes the objective of the search in a souvenir program obtained by the EV Mail through the internet. Only one entry from the Visayas made it, San Carlos City, which has been cited for the Galing Pook Award for Continuing Excellence. This is the fifth time San Carlos lands on the top ten, the first was in 1996, then in 1997, 2000 and 2005. read more

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MOA SIGNING SAYING YES TO “YES”. Officials of Baybay, VSU and DOLE sign the MOA. From left to right, Baybay PESO officer Marianito Gorgonio, VSU veep for planning and resource generation Manuel K. Palomar, DOLE west district office director Cyril Ticao, VSU veep for admin and finance Egnr. Bert Guarte, and dean of students Prof. Manolo

DOLE assists 60 workers hit by coco plant’s slowdown

BAYBAY CITY – The global financial crisis or GFC, the acronym coined for the phenomenon by this acronym-crazed nation, is closer to home than we would like it to be.
This was learned from executives of the Department of Labor and Employment, who said they were on their way to Brgy. Caridad, this city, last Thursday, February 12 to enter into an agreement with barangay officials for a joint waterworks project which is deemed to help some 60 people that are now only working for at least 10 days a month, after a local factory adopted a work slowdown. The factory, the SC Global Corporation, which exports crude coconut oil, has reportedly experienced reduced orders forcing it to adopt a work slowdown. Some 22 regular employees are directly affected, which the remaining of the 60 are working indirectly for it, usually hired by contractors and other businesses directly dealing with the coco plant. It was learned that from a lucrative 22 to 30 day work month, these people are now only being made to report at least 10 days a month, until things look up. read more

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