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Comelec approves Lucy’s substitution

Comelec chairman commissioner Jose Melo himself accepts Lucy Torres-Gomez's certificate of candidacy to substitute husband Richard after the latter was disqualified by a final decision. Lucy's substitution has already been approved the Comelec en banc but despite this, her detractors are trying to portray that it was not.

“It was a decision that did not come without tears”, this was Lucy Torres-Gomez’s poignant statement to the EV Mail after she filed her Certificate of Candidacy before Comelec Chairman commissioner Jose Melo himself on Thursday afternoon, May 6.
“It came with much prayers and contemplation, but yes, I am at peace with my decision. My mind is clear and I am decided to run in Richard’s place because I cannot allow our political opponents to deprive the constituents of the 4th district of a choice”, she added.
She pointed out that it was just several more days to go until people cast their votes on May 10, and she said, “Let us leave everything in God’s hands. In the end, we can always do what we want to do, campaign all we can, but in the end it will be God’s will that will prevail”.
“If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose”, she said, saying that she is leaving it up to God to map out what awaits her in the future. However, she said, that if she wins, she will serve Ormoc City, her home city, and the 4th district with all her heart and mind.
She also assured her husband’s supporters that a vote cast for Richard Gomez will be counted in her favor, and that they were getting a good deal with it. “It’s a buy one, take two situation”, she explained, saying that Richard will be her Chief of Staff and will oversee the district’s needs. “You’ll be seeing more of him”, she said.
The homegrown beauty’s substitution is also exciting a lot of 4th district voters who said they were thrilled at the prospect of a very pretty congresswoman representing them.
Anabela, a fruit vendor, said she wanted to vote for Richard but it does not matter, she is also voting for Lucy. “Basta Gomez gihapon. Oy, kagwapa sa amo congresswoman”, she shrilled.
Political pundits, on the other hand, were even saying that Lucy could give PGMA a run for her money. “Maayo unta himuon siya Speaker of the House”, one said, explaining that as Speaker, Lucy’s seat faces the gathered congressman and should inspire them enough to do their legislative work.
“Komedya ra nga dala tinood”, he winked, saying that Lucy herself is a good speaker and the 4th district voters can be assured she will not be a member of the Silent Committee.
Substitution valid – Commissioner Sarmiento
Meanwhile, an interview with Comm. Rene Sarmiento with “24 Oras” GMA 7’s news network, assures 4th district voters that Lucy’s substitution is valid.
He explained that the so-called “December 14 deadline” only applies to candidates who did not want to pursue their candidacies anymore, for any reason, and they are substituted by the party.
During the interview, Sarmiento added that Richard’s disqualification by final judgment has paved the way for Lucy’s substitution, so all votes cast for Richard will be counted in Lucy’s favor.
Richard Gomez, who was disqualified by Sarmiento’s First Division a few months ago, did not anymore contest the en banc resolution handed down just this May 5.
In the resolution, the Commission en banc said that after Gomez manifested that he will no longer appeal the adverse decision against him, “As a result thereof, the Resolution of the Honorable Commission has become immediately final and executory”.
A certificate of finality has since been issued, rendering the decision final and paving the way for Lucy’s substitution.
Lucy’s take
In various interviews, Lucy Torres-Gomez has reiterated she will continue to campaign on a high ground. “Dili ko mangawat, dili ko manghulga aron lang mudaog”, she said.
She also retorted against her opponents’ claims that she was treading in an area where angels fear to tread. She said that “I do not have to be a demon to enter politics” adding that ‘I believe that you can be a good person to do (Congress) work”.
She also addressed some “black propaganda” she has been getting from her opponents, saying that people knew her better. “There is a lot of avenues to find the truth”, she said, “there’s the internet. People who want to know the truth can research about it and will find that it’s a lie”.
She also promised 4th district constituents that if she wins, they will see a new kind of politics in the 4th district. She said that it would be a leadership that is responsive to the needs of the people and one that will seek to develop the 4th district in a holistic way that will uplift the people.
To the questions whether she would be always around the district, she said that she would see to it to be at the 4th district when Congress is not in session. She also pointed out that on those periods, Richard would be around.
Lucy said that she was a kind of person who, when she accepts a responsibility, puts her whole heart and mind into it. “I always strive for the best”, just like her husband who is a multi-awarded actor, athlete and director.
“Kung kaya ni Mister, kaya ni Misis”, she added.
Lucy herself has sterling credentials to her name. A Business Management graduate of the UP-Cebu, she has always been an honor student. She has also received awards for her hosting several TV shows.
One of the loveliest faces in showbiz, Lucy is well respected by her peers. It has been noted that while other hosts get teased by their guests, when they are with Lucy they almost have a reverential attitude.
Richard, when asked about this once, said that it must be because Lucy’s goodness oozed from every inch of her that people, even known impertinent co-artists, just cannot make fun of her.

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