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Leyte distributor of Chana cars opens

ORMOC CITY – The Leyte distributor for “Chana”, a line of China-made cars targeted for the average Filipino earner or businessman was launched in this city this Tuesday, August 3.
Leyte’s Chana distributor is EBR Auto Center owned by Cebuano businessman Ernesto “EBR” B. Rizarri and wife Milagros. The Rizarris are also the distributors of KIA cars, aside from being a pioneer in the distribution of the “Multicab” from Portacoeli Motors.
Present to witness the launch of the Chana distributorship were Jasmin de la Cruz, dealer development officer, and Danica Paula T. Tuliao, brand manager of Focus Ventures which is the main distributor of Chana cars.
They said that Chana is the fourth largest carmaker in China. Chana’s cars, which range from the compact Benni to vans of all sizes and pick-ups, are moderately prized.
They also emphasized that Chana also makes the engines for Suzuki, Mazda and Ford cars in Asia and pointed out that if these multi-nationals trusted Chana to make its engines, it says something about the company’s reliability and work quality.
Ernesto B. Rizarri, when asked why he decided to carry the Chana line, said he believes there is a market for the car.
He added he has confidence in its durability and reliability, especially after knowing that the company also produces engines for Suzuki, Mazda and Ford. “These are brand new cars”, he said, and spare parts are easy to come by as the cars uses Suzuki technology.
Jasmin dela Cruz, on the other hand, said that their bestsellers which is the Benni compact and the Star II vans, carry a full warranty of three years or 100 kilometer mileage, which comes first.
Other commercial models like their refrigerated vans that now comprise the Monterey fleet has a warranty of only 20,000 kilometers or one year, because these are presumed used for business.
As for the reliability of China made cars, she said that Chana has 50 years of experience behind its back.
Danica Paula Tuliao, meanwhile, said that people should also be aware of the history of car brands.  “Back in the ‘70’s, it were American and European cars. In the ‘80’s, Japanese cars and now here comes the Korean KIA”, she said. “We believe the 21st century will be for the Chinese cars because it is reliable, cheap and affordable”.
In times when price matters, dela Cruz added that with Chana cars “you pay for what you get, still you get more for what you pay”.  By Lalaine M. Jimenea

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