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Gomez, Codilla grace Gaisano Riverside Mall opening

FOR REAL OR FOR REEL? Ormoc mayor Eric Codilla shakes hands with Richard Gomez as they met at the lobby of the Gaisano Riverside Mall. Ormoc’s paparazzis just couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of the fleeting moment. The two didn’t talk afterwards. Photo by Lenlen Lim

ORMOC CITY – The newest branch of the fast growing chain of malls owned by Cebuano magnate Eddie Gaisano of the HEVA Management and Development Corporation opened its doors to the public this morning (October 22).
The newest Gaisano shopping center is called the Gaisano Riverside Mall as it is located just beside the Anilao River, a major waterway that separates the city proper which is set on a delta, separating it from the suburbs.
Jade Gaisano, marketing director, said that they had just also opened another one in Iloilo. She also expressed elation that they are happy that they were the first mall operator to come in to Ormoc City, and the first to open up a “real mall”.
The mall owners are the same operators of the Gaisano-Ormoc located at the city center, in a city-owned property.
On the other hand, the opening was also noted to be rich in political undertones with both the Codillas and the Gomez joining for the first time for an official event in Ormoc.
Former congressman Eufrocino Codilla Sr. , his wife Babie and the incumbent mayor’s wife Julida did the honors of cutting the ribbon on the exit door, while Richard Gomez, who came in as his wife Cong. Lucy Marie Torres-Gomez’s official representative, did the cutting of the ribbon on the entrance side together with the Gaisanos.
A day early, the Gomezes also did an official tour with DepEd Secretary  Armin Luistro at the Energy Development Corporation financed Kananga-EDC Institute of Technology (KEITECH) and the PNOC reservation. It was also the first time that the Gomezes was in an official function together with another Codilla, Elmer, who is Kananga’s mayor.
Meanwhile, the opening activity could be considered a success even as a lot of concessionaires are yet to open their stores. While some stores started selling after the opening immediately, the Gaisano grocery and department store only opened on eleven o’clock in the morning.
Jade Gaisano said they are happy with the acceptance the new mall has found amongst concessionaires, noting that there are even some brands that came in to Ormoc that they do not carry in their other stores. One of these, she said, is “Human”.
“We are happy to give to Ormoc the first real mall”, she said.
Shoppers filled the mall from opening hours till closing, waiting for the grand fireworks that erupted at 8:00 PM.

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