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Lucy says Codilla camp hallucinating

Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez of the 4th District of Leyte is flanked by Lion 301-B2 District Governor Climaco and Lady Carmela Evangelista. The congresswoman was the guest of honor of the Governor’s Ball last Saturday evening, September 24.

ORMOC CITY – Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez this Sunday said that supporters of the Codilla camp are hallucinating when asked if it was true that her husband Richard is blocking the City from getting awards and recognition from various agencies, including calling Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo to stop the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” from being conferred on it come October 10.
Richard Gomez was accused by a pro-Codilla newspaper in its editorial of wanting to stop the award.  “I am beginning to believe they are running scared of Richard”, said Lucy, “so much that they are trying to picture him as an obstructionist. We are not like that”.
“Suma gud, unsa may proyecto sa Ormoc nga among gibabagan? Wala”, she said.
Lucy said that she recalls calling Robredo recently to ask help address the peace and order problems in the city and to look into reports of rampant drug use and trade. “There are many talks about pushers and protectors going around that it is really alarming”, she said.
“But to stop an award? I would not do that”, she said. What is good for Ormoc is good for her, being an Ormocana herself, she said. “I was proud to be from a city which was once hailed as the Cleanest in the region and was sad when the City failed to get the same award in the past years”.
Lucy, the recipient of the Garbo sa Ormoc awards that were given out annually during the time of ex-Mayor Eufrocino Codilla Sr, Mayor Eric Codilla’s father, said that just as she is a “pride of Ormoc”, she also takes pride in being from Ormoc City.
As for the “Seal of Good Housekeeping” that the city is set to receive, Lucy said she congratulates the people who have made this happen. “I know that getting that award is not merely the work of one person. No singular person can lay claim to that. It is the collaboration of many minds, especially career servants who are just doing what is expected of them.”
Richard Gomez, on the other hand, said that he almost did not want to answer the issue. “It’s a waste of time. I am used to being the center of intrigues. In showbiz, that’s actually good because it makes people take notice of you. It creates a buzz. As they say, good or bad, it is still publicity”.
He then turned the tables on the Codilla camp, saying that when he opens his mouth to say something, he supports it with facts.
“Sige, game. Let them answer these questions. Who’s the congresswoman who has been able to finish a lot of school buildings in her first year? Who is the congresswoman who worked on and finished in a very short time the damaged approach at the bridge in Brgy. Liloan which was left untouched by the previous administration?”, he posed.
“Who is the congresswoman whose highway repair works are done with efficiency and care towards the road users? Dili parehas sa project nila nga way mga proper warning signs… daghan nadisgrasya. Tingale nagtuo sila nakalimot na ang mga taga-Ormoc ana”. The list could go on, he pointed out.
He also remembered the time during the fiesta when they were scored for asphalting Aviles Street during a busy time, clogging up the traffic during the procession.
“Inisyu kami nun, but they were actually nitpicking. They wanted the people to get angry at us para people cannot compare ‘yong asphalting sa time ni Lucy at sa time nila. That’s lumang tugtugin na. People know better now.”
Gomez was apparently referring to the short patch of asphalt that was poured at the corner of Mabini – Real Street the night the Liberal party were having their miting de avance. At a time when there was a public works ban, the hastily done project stuck out like a sore thumb and reeked of abuse of power.
Gomez said that supporters of the Codilla should better buckle down to work rather than taking potshots at him. “You are the ones who have been telling everyone artista lang ako. Why is it that you seem scared and wasting your time on me?”
“Magtrabaho na kayo. Ormocanons are complaining about the waterworks. This week, we were told the water was so slow for three days that some guests in hotels here had to skip taking a bath. Kalahating bilyon rin ang ginasto ng Ormocanon diyan, hindi pa rin tapos hanggang ngayon and walang magandang service”, he pointed out.

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