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Goma turns the tables on Mayor Eric Codilla

IF YOU CAN’T LICK THEM, JOIN THEM? Mayor Eric Codilla, who once criticized Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez on TV as a “picture-picture” congresswoman, has apparently joined the fray. Picture taken on a signage for a road concreting project at Brgy. San Antonio.

RICHARD GOMEZ, chief of staff of Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, could not help but turn the tables on Mayor Eric Codilla when he saw his huge picture on a tarpaulin for a road concreting project at Brgy. San Antonio.
“Gitawag pa niya si Lucy na picture-picture congresswoman, eh siya pala, gustong magpa picture-picture rin”, Gomez commented.
Gomez was doing the rounds of Lucy’s projects when he chanced of the huge tarp, just a short distance away from a road concreting that they were also doing in the same barrio.
Gomez also commented that in barrios where both Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez and the city have the same projects, it was worthy to note that Lucy’s projects is better.
Taking the case of the particular road concreting in Brgy.  San Antonio, he said that Lucy’s concrete road “will be wider by a meter”.  He added that he noted “sinasabayan ang mga projects ni Lucy” and conveyed his amusement that it was only opening both their projects to comparison.
“Well, everybody will see that Lucy’s road project will be wider”, he said. “Maybe, the mayor should get me as his consultant”, he joked, “so they will know how to stretch the budget and make their roads wider.”
Last week, Cong.  Lucy Torres-Gomez was happy to announce that the 4th LED has climbed up to No. 2 in the ranking of best performing engineering districts in Leyte and Samar. Under the previous administration, the 4th LED was a dismal No. 12 of 16, with many contracts awarded but not properly implemented.
“We are not only finishing the projects in time but ahead of time”, the congresswoman stressed, adding that “her team’s feat” is helping her get more funding for the district. “We are doing the right projects, at the right cost, and the right quality”, she said. By LMJ

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