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OMTODA asks City for 1-peso fare hike

TRICYCLE OPERATORS and drivers in Ormoc, through the Ormoc Motorized Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association led by its president Benedicto Lambonao, are asking the city council for another round of increase in the minimum fare of at least p 1.00.
Lambonao, in an interview, said that the price of premium gasoline is now P 64.70. The way things are going, he said, another hike on fuel prices would not surprise them anymore, he said.
Aside from the ever-increasing price of fuel, he said that the prices of spare parts have also increased.
If their petition is granted, it will bring the minimum fare to P 8.00, he said. As for the sentiments of the riding public, Lambonao said they also understood their plight but hoped they also see that drivers and operators are also suffering.
It was also learned from Lambonao that they already had a meeting with the committee on transportation this week.
He added they already made a courtesy call to Mayor Eric Codilla about the matter, and an informal agreement was made to increase the minimum within the city by P 1.00 and 50-centavos for every kilometer starting on the outskirts demarcated by the city’s bridges on three sides.
The OMTODA president added they also had the chance to discuss some other issues relevant to tricycle drivers like why the plaza was closed to vehicle traffic at certain times of the day, and a more stricter implementation of the “color coding” ordinance. By Paul Libres with an update by LMJ

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