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Bb. Ormoc 2012

After losing the first time she joined this beauty pageant, Bb. Cheriemel Dianne Muego almost did not believe after hosts Gabby Eigenmann, Carla Henry, and Iya Villania proclaimed her as Bb. Ormoc 2012 few hours after midnight of June 29, 2012 at the Superdome. She was also the recipient of two minor awards: Choice of the Press and Best in Production Number. Completing her court were Bb. Niña Sherra Tagalog who was the 1st runner up (2nd from the left), Bb. Kathleen Sofia Dy, 2nd runner up (2nd from the right), Bb. Prudencia Pelin, 3rd runner up (extreme left), and Bb. Juvilyn Cruz Estrada, 4th runner up (extreme right).

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