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Stranded young man from Biliran mugged and killed at the plaza

ORMOC CITY –  The identity of a young man who was stabbed and robbed at the vicinity of the plaza here last week is now known to the police after they called a cell phone number found in one his pants pockets. 

The dead young man was identified as Mark John Lester Coma, 18, from Brgy. Pulang Bato, Almeria, Biliran who was passing by Ormoc City on his way to Bohol.

Witnesses claimed that the young man was killed by two rowdy Maranao youth dawn of November 9, as he strolled at the road behind the fire substation. His father Henry, 43, surmised that the young man could have missed the boat and decided to while his time away at the plaza area, not knowing it was a dangerous place.

A stranger, he probably caught the fancy of youth gangs prowling in that portion of the plaza and was mugged.  Witnesses told police that the victim attempted to run away from two young Maranaos but failed. Even as he was already bleeding, he still attempted to run towards the direction of Agua Dulce, probably to seek help. But he fell down and died.

Police said that aside from the number written on a paper in one of his pockets, they found no money on Coma, indicating that he was robbed.

The number turned out to be that of the victim’s girlfriend “Grace”. SPO1 Isnang Sarrapudin said they called the number and a girl named Grace answered it. She told police that it could be her boyfriend basing from their description and did not know what he was doing in Ormoc.

The victim’s father was the one who came and identified the body. He told police that Mark was on his way to Bohol but was not able to buy a ticket for Cebu because he left their barangay in Biliran late afternoon already. To pass the night away, he strolled around the city plaza and met his doom.

The suspects were also identified by witnesses to be a certain “Aris” and “Mano”. As of press time, police authorities are hunting these alleged perpetrators.

To recall, the late Nino Espanola, the owner of Manina’s Pizza located at the Superdome was shot dead a few years ago, just as he was about to go home early dawn. The suspect was also said to be a young man from Maranao. The killer remains at large.  By Paul Libres

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