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Cargo ship nearly sinks at Ormoc port

The M/V Ocean Legacy as it lists to the port side.

The M/V Ocean Legacy as it lists to the port side.

ORMOC CITY – A cargo vessel is halfway underwater beside the port here after its left side (portside) slammed the concrete pier at around 8:00 AM this morning (Saturday, December 29) while unloading the third container of five bound for this city. 

The container ship is the M/V Ocean Legacy that was bound for Negros Oriental but made a stopover at the Ormoc port this morning to unload five container vans intended for the BVC Trucking here.

Ship captain Junto Eslawan said that the ship suddenly keeled to the left when they were maneuvering to unload the third van, slamming the port. Their woes compounded when high tide came this afternoon, swamping the ship and causing an oil spill.

Capt. Pablo Gonzales, commander of the Coast Guard Eastern Visayas, on the other hand, said their most imperative task is to contain the oil spill. He estimated that around three barrels of oil has been spilled into the waters but further leakage have been stemmed, according to a report from their divers which they deployed earlier.

They are also waiting for a team from Coast Guard Cebu to arrive with dispersants, but added they would only be using the oil dispersant if the oil spill cannot be contained by the booms they have set around the vessel.

Gonzales also withheld naming the owner of the cargo vessel, saying they were coming over tomorrow to assess the damage. A research over the internet indicate the ship could be part of the fleed of An Tat Shipping, a member of the Trans Ocean Group of Companies.

The coast guard commander added cannot also give the estimated damage since the container vans remain closed even as some of it are now underwater. One thing he assures is that the vans do not contain anything toxic, he said, or chemicals. One van that they are also trying to save is one on top which contains a Kia Picanto.

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