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4th LED announces Lucy, Richard’s tourism projects to be finished before July ends

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THE SOON-TO-BE-FINISHED RUBBERIZED OVAL is already attracting its fair share of walking and running fans. Families and pregnant women are seen walking the length, to exercise. On top is Vince Rama, brother-in-law of Richard and Lucy Torres-Gomez who takes to walking for an hour at the oval. The contractor is just waiting for the rubber mats and really good weather to install it. Nonetheless, on its asphalted state, its better than none, people using the oval told the EV Mail. One family said they are happy that Ormoc has finally got a wholesome and safe place for families to go, and not just drinking places that about publicly owned recreation spots. Photo by LMJ

ORMOC CITY – Leyte 4th district engineer Lino Francisco Gonzales announced that tourism projects being implemented by their office, funded through the efforts of Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez and chief of staff Richard Gomez, are projected to be 100% complete by July, this year. 

These tourism projects are funded by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and are being implemented by the 4th LED. They are the Bat Watchtower at Palompon, a Hot Spring Resort in Brgy. Tongonan, and the stairs going to the zip lines at Sitio Soob, Albuera or more known as the Sibugay Mountain Resort, an LGU initiated resort which has been hailed a successful venture. 

The Bat Watchtower at Palompon is constructed at the Tabuk Marine Sanctuary Park. On the other hand, the hot spring resort in Tongonan is only on its first phase. The 4th LED will construct about 2-3 cottages on the area, a Jacuzzi with hot spring water, and renovate an existing pool that currently has lukewarm water passing through it.

The construction of the watchtower and the stairs to the zip lines at Albuera are now ongoing, except for the Tongonan hot spring resort which has not started yet. Engr. Gonzales said that the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has asked them to submit an approved Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) and a special land use permit.

It is the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) that issues these documents, Gonzales said, and “usually it would take one month or more before these documents are released. ” Gonzales said.

Nonetheless, he is confident that they will finish the projects at its target completion dates, on or before July.

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