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City dads mull moratorium on new tricycle applications

ORMOC CITY – City councilor Eusebio Gerardo is proposing a 2-month moratorium on the approval of new franchises for tricycles plying the city roads, noting the need to study the current state of traffic and how the increasing number of tricycles was impacting it. 

The city has too many tricycles, he pointed out, which were already causing traffic gnarls on busy hours and that they were even plying the highway where they are not supposed to.

Invoking the general welfare clause, Penserga said it was not only the welfare of the operators and drivers that are at stake here but the general public as well. 

Penserga, who is chair of the transportation committee, said that as per records he got, the city now has 1,988 approved tricycle franchises. Since the start of the year up to June 30, this year, the city processed 333 applications. 144 were renewals, 76 “dropped” and 113 were new applications.

He noted that while there were some units that were “dropped”, new applications outnumbered them. Based on these figures, he added, the city were approving the applications of an average of seven units per week.

That is why he was proposing a “moratorium” on the approval of new applications, to be able to study the matter and consult all stakeholders.

The matter was discussed during the council’s regular session this week but was deferred after it was agreed that committee hearings and a round of public consultations had to be done yet before the moratorium is imposed.

The move to impose a moratorium is welcome by many businessmen in the city, especially those whose frontages have been taken over by “illegal terminals”.

Penserga said that he would be calling for a committee meeting soon, and hopes to schedule a public consultation and hearing the soonest time possible. By Lalaine M. Jimenea

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