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CIDG raids barangay chairwoman’s house

ORMOC CITY – The Criminal Investigation Detection Group (CIDG) raided two houses of District 4 Barangay Chairwoman Jocela Dumaguit and her husband Mario early morning of Saturday, August 3, for alleged possession of firearms.  District 4 is also generally known as “Mabini Street or district”, notorious for its drug trade. 

The Dumaguits themselves have twice been raided for drugs in the past. The second raid was positive but was dismissed after the judge ruled that the search warrant was improperly issued.

On the recent raid, CIDG assistant regional head Ch. Insp. Ted Armada said they raided the Dumaguits after reports reached them that the couple had unregistered firearms in their two homes.

The raid reportedly started at 2:00 early in the morning and lasted up to around 2:00 in the afternoon.

During the phone interview, Armada was vague about the details of the raid, saying it was “positive” and that they confiscated “two firearms”, one a caliber 45. “Hindi drugs ang raid namin but firearms”, he said, and if there were drugs found “incidental nalang ‘yon”. 

He explained that together with the Dumaguits, they were on their way to Tacloban City and would still be doing the proper documentation of their raid there. He explained that there were two raiding teams, one headed by Ormoc CIDG in-charge Sr. Insp. Mondragon, who searched one house while he searched another.

During the phone interview, Armada added he was told one Kevin Juntilla was arrested by Mondragon’s team after he attempted to run away. Juntilla was allegedly caught with drugs, but Mondragon in another cellphone interview, denied this.

Just like Armada, Mondragon was vague in his answers, saying they still had to collate their data and just wait until they have documented all.

Armada said that they would be filing the appropriate charges against the Dumaguits and Juntilla after they finished documenting. However, he is doubtful if they can have inquest proceedings considering it was already Saturday and there was no prosecutor available.

The CIDG official also denied knowing about a toy dog being sequestered by a cop. Reports reaching this newspaper said a toy dog owned by the Dumaguits was seen being carried out by an operative into one of the four vehicles used in the raid. “Ewan ko, I will ask the Dumaguits”, Armada said. “Hindi ako mahilig sa aso”, he added, “so anong gagawin ko doon?”

He added that their search warrants were issued by Tacloban executive judge Alphinor Serrano. By Lalaine M. Jimenea with J.D. Agpalo

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