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BPO reopens, heralding a new hope for Leyteños

ENERGY SECRETARY CARLOS JERICHO PETILLA, his wife Frances Ann, Leyte governor Dominic Petilla, together with two BPO executives, grace the reopening of the FPOSI.

ENERGY SECRETARY CARLOS JERICHO PETILLA, his wife Frances Ann, Leyte governor Dominic Petilla, together with two BPO executives, grace the reopening of the FPOSI.

PALO, LEYTE (PNA) – Freight Process Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. (FPOSI), a business process outsourcing company that used to operate here before Yolanda, reopened on Wednesday, October 8, in the morning.

The BPO’s reopening assures Leytenos of jobs aside from sending a strong message that the province, 11 months after being flattened by super typhoon Yolanda, is now ready to welcome investors.

The non-voice firm, a part of the Direct Data Capture (DDC) Group of Companies, processes the billing invoices of trucking companies in the United States.

FPOSI Leyte president Frances Ann Petilla, wife of Energy Secretary and former Leyte governor Carlos Jericho Petilla, admitted that they almost decided to shutdown their operations in the province and bring it to other parts of the country after suffering devastation from Yolanda.

“We almost gave up but due to the spirit of the FPOSI, we pushed back to open in Leyte,” she explained.

The decision also answered the questions raised by majority of their employees of whether or not they could still have their jobs back.

After the typhoon, they brought more than 500 of their employees in Manila so they can keep their jobs and have sustained income. They are the same people who are now manning the firm located at the Leyte Mikyu Economic Zone in Pawing village of Palo.

Its reopening may also open more opportunities as the company is looking at the possibility of expanding in the future.

“Our niche in this industry is actually so big. Our clients are in the US and of course, I hope to go bigger to make this company move forward,” she said.

Currently, the company can accommodate 1,100 employees seated in terminals and close to 40 administrative staff.

Meanwhile, Brett Trevalyan, director of the DDC Group of Companies said that “the people of Leyte and the people of the Philippines are very resilient and they bounced back incredibly strongly.”

“I think that we owe the people of Leyte our loyalty because they’ve given their loyalty to us. So it would be wrong for us not to invest money and bring jobs to Leyte. The most important thing to do in a situation like this is bringing good, long term, well-paying jobs to people so they become normalize again,” he said.

“We’re not going to leave Leyte. We hope to bring in more jobs,” said Jan Trevalyan, president of the DDC group of companies.

Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla, meanwhile, challenged the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to use the experience of the BPO firm as an example when they promote the province.

He cited that the BPO, amidst its complex operation, was able to exist right in the middle of typhoon Yolanda area.

“The message that we want to bring across is to tell the world that if you really want to help Leyte then you really have to bring in the jobs here,” he said.

Governor Leopoldo Dominic Petilla, meantime, believed that resilient Leyteños could again make Leyte “investor and business destination.”

The inauguration and blessing of the new FPOSI building was also highlighted by the unveiling of company logo made up of the parts of the destroyed computers of the company overlapped with three parts of the globe and selected continents.

“The logo was an inspiration for me. I want to do something that represents us, the company and the people. This actually is the destroyed company that was destroyed by Yolanda and I said, we are picking up the pieces,” the lady Petilla said.

The building, the first of its kind in Leyte, is solar-powered. Extra power that is generated will be sold to the grid, she added. Solar panels installed at the rooftop can generate up to 198 kilowatts.

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