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Mayor’s CSU chief manhandles 2 men, 2 women in drunken fit

ORMOC CITY – The chief of the city government’s civil security unit here mauled four people, including two females, in separate incidents that happened early this morning (December 13).

The CSU chief was allegedly drunk and armed and had unidentified people with him, presumably goons, when the incidents transpired.

In hot water is Gerry Seledio, handpicked by Mayor Edward Codilla to head the city’s civil security unit.

The victims of Seledio were identified as Fernando Panta, 44, a member of the CSU himself; Julieta Tacuban, 53, a “job order” of the city assigned as toilet cleaner of the city bus terminal; Landy Pamador, 28, from Kananga, Leyte and Gelma Perez, 25, a student at the Sto. Nino College here.

Gelma Perez, the student, was the first one to report to the police that she was slapped by Seledio just because he was irked by the ruckus her motorcycle was making.

SPO3 Danilo Rebato, officer-on-duty, said that soon after Perez reported the incident, Seledio himself came to the station and talked to Perez. The two agreed to settle the matter in the presence of police chief Sr. Insp. Rio Tan today, Saturday.

Rebato said he did not see the need to detain Seledio, as he had already come to an agreement with Perez. Perez is a student of Sto. Niño College, an owner of which is the family of city councilor John Eulalio Nepomuceno Aparis.

However, by daybreak, three more victims of Seledio’s abuse arrived at the police station to report their woes.

Landy Pamador said that Seledio put a gun into his mouth, threatening to blow his head off. He told police he was sleeping at the city stage when Seledio woke him up and started manhandling him. Pamador said that he was in Ormoc to look for a job.

Fernando Panta and Julieta Tacuban, on the other hand, are also employees of the City Government assigned to the City Bus Terminal.

Panta, 44, is a member of the CSU unit himself. He told police that Seledio arrived at around 2:30 AM and started scolding him for “sleeping on the job.” When he retorted that he was not sleeping but just sitting down, Seledio got irked and boxed him on the torso four times.

Julieta Tacuban, 53, is a “job order” assigned as toilet cleaner at the bus terminal, was the next victim. The CSU head approached her and started asking what she was doing. She reasoned she was a toilet cleaner. After hearing her answer, Seledio slapped her on the face. The 53-year old woman was still shaking with fear when she reported about the incident to them.

SPO2 Mark Alexis Ruita and SPO2 Kenneth Valley, police investigators, said they will be inviting Seledio to the police station for questioning. They would also assist them in filing the proper complaint against Seledio, if they are willing to pursue it.

For residents here, the case bears watching as it is an acid test for Mayor Edward Codilla, whether he is willing to part with the services of a trusted ally or show political will.

In a related development, six regular employees were allegedly fired from the City Hall after they tested positive for drugs, in a random testing done middle of the year. The results were upheld in confirmatory tests sent to Manila.

However, the human resource office has withheld the names of the involved personnel.

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