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3 “skimmed” of their ATM deposits over the week

ORMOC CITY – How safe are your deposits in ATM accounts? This is the nagging question after the ATM deposits of three people, all women, were skimmed off by still unknown perpetrators over the week.

The first to complain to the police that she lost her ATM deposit is Ms Geraldine Gascon, manager of Camella Homes here in the city. She told police that somebody withdrew P 20,000.00 from her account on April 6 at 10:29 in the morning, followed by another P 20,000.00 withdrawal at 10:30 of the same day.

Not contented, the ATM skimmer wiped off Gascon’s balance of P 2,900.00 and she discovered the unauthorized withdrawals and found out that she already had zero balance. Gascon is a Union Bank card holder, which is a BancNet member.

By April 9, another woman complained to the police about unauthorized withdrawals on her ATM account, totaling to P 110,000.00. The victim is Daisy Lagapa, 45, an employee of the Land Bank. Records show that the withdrawals happened in two days, April 6 and 7. It was withdrawn from a Landbank ATM machine in Cebu.

The third victim is Angelita Tulin, 40, a resident of Brgy. Benolho in Albuera, Leyte. On April 8 in the evening, she went to an ATM and found out that her account balance was only P 12,375.00 and that she lost P 90,000.00 from her account. Since it was evening, she waited until the next day to file her complaint at her bank.

Before the bank opened at 9:00 AM of April 10, Ms Tulin thought it better to just withdraw her remaining balance, and to her surprise, found out that the thief had withdrawn it all.

Records at the bank showed that her money was withdrawn in a Cebu ATM four times in two days.

The concerned banks have not yet been reached to comment on the allegedly fraudulent withdrawals from their ATM deposits, and what remedy they have for their depositors.

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