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Mayors’ prexy says Duterte is doing a “fantastic job”

ORMOC CITY – Mayor Leonardo “Sandy” Javier of Javier, Leyte, who owns the Andok’s “Pambansang Manok” chain, said that he does not see anything wrong with President Rodrigo Duterte’s scheduled naming of 23 mayors who are linked to drugs. In Tagalog, he said, the number is just 1.5 % of the 1,490 mayors in the country, and it true, it is very disappointing that they are sullying the good reputation of mayors. “Kagaya nang ibang organisasyon, may mga scalawags talaga, but they are just a small percentage.” Javier, who ran under the Liberal Party, was all praises for Duterte. He said the president was doing a “fantastic thing”. “We are all behind him”, he said. “Please, ipaabot ninyo ‘yan sa presidente. He is doing a fantastic job and we are all behind him.” The LMP mayor said that he was even surprised that his own town, very small, had 90 people who surrendered initially to the police. There were some more, but he cannot give the exact figure as he was currently in a hospital, for some preparatory procedure to a kidney transplant. “I hate drugs because they destroy families, the very fiber of our nation,” he said. He added it was unfortunate that one of Leyte’s town mayors could be one of those on Duterte’s list.

Gen. Loot, one of the 5 generals that Duterte named as protectors of the trade, has blamed Kerwin Espinosa as the reason why his name was among the five. Espinosa is tagged as Leyte’s top drug lord, as Sr. Supt. Franco Simborio described him in an interview with a national daily. In one of his interviews to clear his name, Loot said Espinosa was arrested during his stint as deputy regional director here, but his name was dragged as a “protector” after Espinosa started buying fighting cocks from him, making it appear they were chummy. The alleged drug lord’s father, Rolando, is now the new mayor of Albuera town. Meanwhile, Leyte vice governor Carlo Loreto also said the same. “What is happening (the surrenders) is unparalleled, and this has never happened before,”
he said. As for the scheduled naming of the narco-mayors, the vice-governor does not see anything wrong with it. “If naming these mayors would help, if this would cease them from being
protectors and beneficiaries of drug money, then it’s alright.” For so long, he pointed out, law-abiding people have been following the law, these drug personalities haven’t and it has reached a point where the law-abiding citizens are even afraid to get out of their homes, while bad elements roam the streets. As for violating these mayor’s human rights, he said, “if they feel their human
rights are violated, there is a legal recourse for that. The President has warned that change is coming, and they should allow for that change to come.”

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