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Office of Building Official now operational

ORMOC CITY – Anticipating the increase in construction of commercial buildings, dormitories and even residential houses this year, Mayor Richard Gomez has recently composed the newly-created
Office of the Building Official (OBO).

Since the City Government is still recruiting more engineers to join the LGU, the mayor designated seven engineers from the City Engineering Office (CEO) to man the office. Designated as building official is Engr. Sonia Antonio. The others are Engr. Yvonne Fe M. Delos Santos, who will be processing chief; Engr. Germeline M. Panta, in-charge for line and grade plumbing; Engr. Joseph Benedict C. Obejas, for architectural; Engr. Brenda Arradaza, structural; Engr. Dexter B. Jumao-as, electrical and Engr. German Dixton G. Cañezo. Mayor Gomez said the temporary office of the OBO would be at the City Planning office. Engr. Raoul Cam, city planning officer, is allowing them to use the conference room as the OBO temporary office, in the meantime city officials
are looking for a permanent space for them.

The mayor also said he wanted their office just inside the City Hall. In fact, he pointed out that their temporary office at the city planning was timely because it was very near the zoning office. Mayor Gomez told the seven he wanted the OBO composed immediately because of the expected influx of building construction. Three malls and one 8-story commercial building in the city are set to open in 2017 and he is expecting a boom in the construction of buildings to accommodate offices doing business with the malls that cannot be located therein. There would also be a
need for dormitories for the people who will be hired directly and indirectly by the malls and its locators. He also asked the seven engineers to walk the extra mile because they are not
totally abandoning their previous work at the CEO. The mayor said they are already headhunting for the right people to occupy the vacated positions. He also asked them to be strict and always think of the pros and cons in approving building permits. The mayor said he is very strict about provisions for parking space, noting that there are some commercial buildings in the city that do not have ample parking spaces.

However, he also said that as long as everything is okay, to process the permits without delay. He said delays in the release of building permits were often the complaints of investors in
the past. He also cautioned them against people bringing his name, trying to bend building laws. “I will never do that,” he said. “If we have to make our own building code, then we will do it,” added Mayor Gomez. The Gomez administration is on a headhunting spree to hire the right people to occupy various posts that have been created after he took over the reigns of governance last July 1. Among the offices that have already been created aside from the OBO are the City Tourism Office, the City Traffic Office, the City Population Office, and in the near future, the Public Employment Services Office (PESO). By LMJ

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