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Top quality Carico brand opens service in Eastern Visayas

TACLOBAN CITY – Top international brand Carico International, a US-based company specializing on health, wellness and lifestyle products, is now also in Eastern Visayas. Through its distribution arm, Nutraway Systems Inc., Carico International products are now available from its highly trained sales consultants. A product launch was held August 4 at XYZ Hotel as part of a three-day introduction and product demonstration to the local market.

Nutraway Systems President and Chief Executive Officer Gerry Geroni said their products are “important tools needed for the achievement of optimal health.” “At Nutraway Systems we search the world to find the finest products, produced by the most skilled craftsmen, and bring them directly to you,” says Geroni. “There are no finer products available anywhere in the world! We consider our products the important tools needed for the achievement of optimal health.”

Carico International offers air purifiers and deodorizers, cookware, food storage products, juice extractors, water filtration products, cutlery, flatware, fine china and crystal products, and tableware. It sells its products through its consultants, as well as online.
Carico International was founded in 1967 and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Geroni said that Nutraway Systems was established in 1992 with only one objective in mind, “to improve the health of one person, one family at a time.”
“Nutraway Systems is committed to a full spectrum of health solutions for the person or family who wants to achieve optimal health,” Geroni said.
“Our life changing solutions are based on improving the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, supplementing your diet with juicing and having an exceptional night sleep,” he added.

Geroni said that as the distributor of Carico International products, Nutraway Systems has already established distribution networks and offices in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy and in the Philippines.
In the country, Nutraway Systems already has distribution networks in regional centers like Davao City, Cotabato, Cebu and Tacloban. The head office in the country, opened in 2013, is in Manila. By Elmer Recuerdo

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