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5-year plastic licenses available by October – LTO

ORMOC CITY – LTO-Ormoc head Manny Sevilla said that they don’t have plastic for licenses that would expire in 5 years yet, but a machine is due to arrive soon. They are hoping that it arrives October so that they can start issuing it already. “Hopefully, this month the machine is going to arrive and by October, we would already be releasing the plastic licenses under the five-year expiry period,” Sevilla said.In an interview with EV Mail sa Radyo this week, he said that to get their plastic licenses, ap-plicants will have to make a per-sonal appearance at their office for biometrics.

Their pictures, finger-prints and personal data will be inputted in a computer to form the database of licensed drivers. As for those who applied for the 3-year licenses, he said they are now available at the office. He said they can pick it up anytime. He also cautioned applicants of the 3-year licenses against “fixers”, saying they do not have to pay anything more when they pick it up from their office because they have already paid for it.

He apologizes for the delay of the plastic licenses because it hit a snag in the bidding process at the central office. He said this was beyond his control.

Traffic violators

On the other hand, Sevilla said they would continue to hound road violators. PUV drivers who violate traffic regulations will have to undergo a “refresher course” aside from paying stiff fines and penalties. New applicants, too, he said, are requested to read and put to heart a driver’s “pledge of loyalty”.

Long overdue stickers, plates

As to the issue of unreleased LTO stickers, which should be granted to car owners whose ve-hicles’ registrations have been re-newed, or the long overdue plate numbers of newly-purchased vehicles, Sevilla explained that LTO-Ormoc is dependent on the number of stickers that LTO cen-tral office allocates to the Ormoc office. “Let’s just say there are 20,000 registrants in Ormoc but we were only given 5,000 stickers. Of course, we would not be able to accommodate all registrants,” explained Mr. Sevilla.As of the moment, per Mr. Sevilla, from what he heard from those in LTO’s top management, the stickers, including the plate numbers, are now undergoing a bidding process. He is hopeful that this issue of “no LTO stickers and plate numbers” will soon be

LTO’s hefty fines

On the matter of accordingly LTO’s “hefty fines”, Mr. Sevilla shared that LTO-Ormoc’s “taripa” is based on Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 or f ines and penalties, which is a joint memorandum between LTO and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Body (LTFRB). The reason the fines were increased, he said, is to discourage drivers from violating traffic laws. Regarding the P5,000 fine, which EV Mail Sa Radyo raised to Mr. Sevilla to have come from a concerned citizen, he said that this is usually the fine imposed on vehicles with missing or with inappropriate accessories. This includes busted signal lights or brake lights, and “modified” mufflers. “The absence of one [accessory] is already a violation,” clarif ied Sevilla. He also shared that even if they wanted to decrease the fine amount, this was a national law. Just a matter of following the law Sevilla said that traffic violations can be avoided if only people would follow the law.

After Ormoc City strictly implemented the Helmet Law, it has been months already since they apprehended a motorist that did not wear a helmet. “This just means that our drive is effective,” he added. He added the Helmet Law is implemented to protect motorists in case they meet a road accident.

Anti-drug and -drunk driving

In parting, and as a reminder to all motorists, Sevilla shared that LTO is now serious in implementing the anti-drug and -drunk driving law. He explained that if anyone is caught driving “under the influence”, a case will be filed against the motorist, aside from paying a “fine in court”. The fine, he said, can be as high as P 300,000.00, he warned. Manny added that LTO has their own breath analyzer, which was given by LTO central office, and which they are now using. The Ormoc City police also has two breath analyzers, thanks to Mayor Richard I. Gomez. These analyzers are now being utilized by the police.

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