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OCCCI chair sees nothing wrong with ‘commissions’

ORMOC CITY – Fr. Elmo Manching, chairman of the board of directors of the Metro-Ormoc Community Multi-purpose Cooperative or OCCCI says there is nothing wrong with the allegations that some people made multi-million
commissions of the sale of the cooperative’s acquired properties, as this commissioning scheme has been approved by the board.

He said it does not matter if it was a janitor who closes the deal and got the commission, or a manager, or an outsider, as long as what is remitted to the cooperative is the published net price of the ROPA or Real and Other Property Acquired. Fr. Manching was reacting to allegations of irregularities posted by onebFarrah Martinez Paraz, suspected to be a fictitious account, that claims managers and some top management of the coop made hefty commissions out of coop properties they sold. One of this is the Cambalading, Albuera, Leyte property which was bought by the cooperative in the past, to develop it into a resort hotel cum convention center. Accordingly, it was actually sold for P 22.8-million, but only P 20-million is the reported sale with the remaining money withdrawn by at least two managers.

Manching said that OCCCI had a previous commissioning scheme which was changed by the board because they felt it disadvantaged the coop. Accordingly, “agents” would get a percentage commission from the gross amount. They changed this to the current scheme where they established a price, and those who want to get a commission will have to
sell it at an overprice. That is what happened with the Cambalading property, he said.

This was also true about two other properties mentioned in the post of Farah Martinez Paras, the ones in Baybay City and Tacloban City. The OCCCI chairman said that cooperative members, rather than listening or believing gossip mills, should instead look at the coop’s performance now, under the triumvirate management of Mizpah Aira I. Taala, chief operations officer; Arvin N. Villena, chief finance officer; and, Dino L. Bornasal, administrative officer.
He said that after suffering massive losses under the previous management, the cooperative has already declared a profit of P 6-million in 2015 and P 8-million in 2016. He stressed this profit does not come from the sale of the ROPA alone, but because of good management.

He also debunked claims of EV Mail sources that the management were abusing their positions, and charging their personal meals and snacks to OCCCI. A particular incident was Mizpah Taala’s travel to Antique, all expenses charged to OCCCI, which she allegedly timed during the Palarong Pambansa held there so she could watch her child play.

Manching said that Taala’s trip was sanctioned by the coop board, and whether it was time during the Palaro is not their concern anymore. What is important, he said, is that Ms Taala did what she was supposed to do there on her official capacity.

“As to the allegations nga nag-suroy-suroy, ako tubag ana. Tanan nga mga travels sa atong mga chiefs, it is covered by a travel order. So that means naa na siyay budget ug naa na siyay purpose why ni-travel. I am sure nga if a manager or a chief is doing his or her rounds of operation, naa gyud na siyay allocation. Pero naa nay katumbas nga pangayo-on si board sa imong fruitfulness or sa imong work accomplishment didto sa area nga imong gi-visit, which you have to report every board meeting – unsay imong gihimo, unsa may updates, unsa bay development, progress sa imong trabaho didto,” Fr. Manching said.

Fr. Manching also warned that they will not tolerate people who are stirring trouble with the cooperative. He said that they will be seeking the help of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to probe who Farrah Martinez Paras is, uncover his or her real identity and proper cases filed against him or her.
He also said that cooperative members should not listen to gossip and if they have issues, to bring it out in the general assembly.

As for some employees who has complained that they have not raised a raise for 3 years already while their highly paid managers are allegedly abusing their positions, he said these had already been consulted with DOLE and that the cooperative is not obliged to give them an increase as yet, because the lowest paid employee is already receiving pay higher than the minimum wage.

He also said that they should work harder so that they can rise from the ranks, become managers themselves, and understand why managers are highly paid and the challenges they face.

“Para sa mga empleyado nga wala matagbaw sa atong pamalakad, siguro you will not understand it until you become one of those people on top. Paniguro, paningkamot nga mulambo ka, mutubo ka, aron maabot na nimo ang imong gipangandoy nga ikaw mismo maka-lead sa coop, kana imong gidamgo nga sakto nga pamaagi aron makatampo pud ka sa kalamboan sa atong coop, dili kay imong gub-on ang organization, ang sistema, pinaagi sa imong pagpataka og estorya, nga walay ebidensiya, walay proper back-up nga mga dokumento,” Manching said.

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