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Four APORs in hot waters after breaching protocols

ORMOC CITY – Four APORs (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) are in hot waters after informants tipped the LGU here that they have breached protocols and were seen roaming around the city.

Atty. Joy M. Romero, city legal counsel, said the city is now investigating the information and believes there is ground for the filing of complaints.

With the use of SAFE Ormoc’s QR Code system, the LGU was able to track the APORs of having visited at least one commercial establishment in the city.

APORs are non-residents of Ormoc who are currently in the city because of their work. Most of them are highly skilled, technical people who have to come here to render services that locals cannot do.

To ensure that they do not mix with the locals as some of them could have come from Covid+ places, they are confined to LGU-approved containment facilities. Before they are received in Ormoc City, their companies either make their own containment facilities or check them in to the LGU-accredited quarantine hotels.

They are also made to sign an undertaking that they will abide with all of Ormoc’s health protocols, one of which is to make sure that they go home immediately to their containment after work. The undertaking includes a waiver that in case of breach, the LGU can track them through their QR codes. Atty. Joy Mejia-Romero said that filing cases against these 4 APORs should send the message to others who will come after them to not take lightly the documents they have signed.

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