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Ormoc, Gaisano reach “winwin” solution for city property

ORMOC CITY Mayor Richard I. Gomez is elated after successfully negotiating with the operators of Gaisano Metro Ormoc for the return of the city’s 3,000-square meter property situated in the middle of the city, untying it from possible years of litigation.

Mayor Gomez wants to turn the property into a mixed commercial/parking space building to meet the parking needs of residents and visitors. 

The parties reached the agreement on the afternoon of Monday, April 19, through a Zoom conference. Taipan Development Corporation, the operator of Gaisano Metro Ormoc, agreed to release possession of the property in exchange for the city’s releasing them their insurance proceeds from their Yolanda claim. 

The property is currently in litigation after the LGU filed a complaint in the Regional Trial Court here, asking that the contract between the parties be voided. This came after the property was razed by fire in July 2017, and the LGU found out that it was not insured, which is a violation of the contract. 

Atty. Joy Mejia-Romero, city legal officer, described the deal as “fair” and what is more important is that the City gets possession of the property already. “It abbreviates what could have been a long process,” she said, citing that the case could even go up the Supreme Court had the parties not reached a compromise. However, she added, that the deal has yet to be approved by the Court.  Mayor Gomez, on his part, thanked Taipan Development Corporation for the compromise, saying that the good relations of the LGU and the company remains. By EV Mail Editorial Team

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