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Ormoc now has a total of 53,457 vaccinated individuals, and counting…

ORMOC CITY – As of August 7, 2021, per the vaccination report of the Ormoc City Health Department (CHD) led by Dr. Edmund Kierulf, a total of 34,547 recipients have already received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine while another 18,910 individuals are now considered fully-vaccinated having successfully received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

That is a total of 53,457 vaccinated individuals – now protected from the deadly COVID-19.

Accordingly, the vaccine recipients who received their first dose include 11,809 healthcare workers/immediate family members/Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) under Priority A1; 10,921 senior citizens under Priority A2; 3,235 are those with co-morbidities under Priority A3; and 8,582 are non-medical frontliners under Priority A4.

Recipients who received their second dose, meanwhile, include 8,713 healthcare workers/immediate family members/ Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) under Priority A1; 9,339 senior citizens under Priority A2; and 858 recipients are those with co-morbidities and fall under Priority A3.

This week, furthermore, a total of 5,845 vaccine recipients received the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine that included 363 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs); 1,485 immediate family members of healthcare workers under Piority A1; 1,986 senior citizens under Priority A2; and 2,011 are those with co-morbidities under Priority A3.

According to a vaccine recipient who is a husband of a healthcare worker, Jerry M. Geneston, 45 years old, getting vaccinated is a must in the construction company that he is working for and for his protection as well, saying, “Bawal sa amo-a nga dili mgpabakuna kay dili makatrabaho, ikaduha sad maayo sad nga naa tai proteksyon.”

Meanwhile, vaccine recipient Antonette Claire C. Venezuala, 49 years old, a resident of Brgy. San Isidro, who falls under priority group A3 or those with co-morbidities said, “Dili man ingon nga kung na-vaccinate dili na matakdan at least dili lang kaayo ma-grabe gyud kaayo atong gipamati just in case matakdan ta.”

Finally, senior citizen Venancia Albarracin shared she submitted herself during LGU-Ormoc’s vaccination roll-out for her to be protected. “Para protektado kay lisod mag gawas-gawas kung dili ka bakunado labi na kay taas na ko og edad,” said Albarracin. Accordingly, the city government of Ormoc commits to continue its COVID-19 vaccination efforts and will not stop until the city hopefully gets the so-called “herd immunity”. Thus, while it journeys towards that goal, the city strictly implements its many health and safety protocols to safeguard its population from contracting COVID-19 and at the same time, promoting economic recovery, activity and growth. By Gwen Maurillo

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