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Ormoc on “Alert Level 3”, stricter EO No. 200 released

ORMOC CITY – Following the COVID-19 Delta Task Force meeting last August 10, Tuesday, City Mayor Richard I. Gomez once again signed an updated Executive Order (EO) No. 200 allowing for additional restrictions on the city’s borders and around the community to protect the city from the further increase of COVID-19 cases.

Accordingly, Executive Order (EO) No. 200 series of 2021, which has an effectivity date up to August 31, 2021, was signed by Ormoc City Mayor Richard I. Gomez during the a press conference at the City Mayor’s Office on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

It was learned from the said presscon that Ormoc City is now “Alert Level 3”, which means that COVID-19 cases are rising, healthcare utilization is increasing, risk classification ranges from moderate to critical, risk and hospital bed utilization is more than 70%.

In addition, as emphasized by infectious disease specialist Dr. Larsen Omolon, there is also the threat of the Delta variant of the COVID-19, which is, accordingly more transmissible and can also affect children.

Meanwhile, additional restrictions of the said EO include that the entry of all persons coming to Ormoc by land, sea, and air travel shall be allowed but when flagged by the border QR Code scanner as having exited Ormoc City for not less than seven consecutive days would now be required to present either a negative antigen certified by a licensed medical professional, Red Cross Saliva or RT-PCR results, taken from the place of origin and taken within 72 hours prior to entry to Ormoc.

However, if said person wanting to enter Ormoc is fully-vaccinated, he or she may just present his or her Vaccination Card together with his or her Ormoc QR Code.

As for the seating or venue capacity, the said EO is clear that gatherings to be held in all registered and / or licensed establishments / offices in Ormoc shall be allowed provided that only 50% of the seating capacity of said establishment is used up.

Meanwhile, government-owned tourist sites are not allowed to operate while said EO 200 is in effect and only 50% of the capacity is allowed in the privately-owned tourist sites.

In addition, indoor dining is still allowed at 30% of the seating capacity while outdoor dining at 75% capacity.

As for gatherings for wakes for those who died of causes other than COVID-19 will still be allowed per EO 200, as long as the number of attendees do not exceed 50% of the venue capacity and will not be held for a period longer than three days.

The said EO also states that gatherings in LGU-Ormoc owned buildings are not allowed for now, unless the activity is sanctioned by the LGU, and if allowed, only at 50% seating capacity is allowed.

Furthermore, any person below 15 years old, those who are over 65 years of age, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risk, and pregnant women are now required to remain in their residences at all times.

In addition, during said press conference, City Mayor Gomez directed barangay officials to monitor the entry of “newly-arrived” individuals in their barangays especially those staying for more than seven days.

The Delta Task Force also agreed that Zumba activity at the plaza should be for a maximum of 50 persons only; no face-to-face tutorial is allowed; encourage all establishments to provide/install ventilators; and to strictly enforce health protocols such as the proper wearing of face mask at all times and social distancing. It was also found out during the said press conference that the second dose of Sputnik vaccines is not in the Philippines yet. Accordingly, issues concerning shipment from Russia to the Philippines are still being sorted out, notwithstanding the quarantine procedure and the surge of cases in Russia.

However, medical professionals are saying that there is no need to worry because the acceptable interval of the Sputnik vaccine from the first dose to the second dose may be up to the 12th week. Finally, Nurse Jester Zacarias of the City Health Department shared that there is still no Delta case in Ormoc City, as of the said press conference. By Gwen Maurillo

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