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BFAR warns anew of dangers of illegal fishing

TACLOBAN CITY – Following the death of two fishermen and injury of two more due to dynamite fishing in Calbayog, Eastern Samar recently, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR-8) once again sent out a warning against illegal fishing.

The two fishermen who were killed in Brgy. Malayog, Tinambacan District were identified as Cristobal Rosalado, 50, and Jamer Sigue, 32.

Those injured were identified as Daryl Tahos, 27, and Rogelio Diaz Jr., 24.

Police said the dynamite locally known as ‘badil’ exploded in Rosalado’s hand when he ignited it.

“This is a classic case that crimes against nature do pay. Let this be a warning to illegal fishers, particularly blast fishing, that primarily it is hazardous to the life and limbs but most importantly, habitat loss for fish and deprives the new generation to prosper,” BFAR-8 regional director Juan Albaladejo stressed.

Albaladejo disclosed that the dynamite was sourced from Palanit, San Isidro, Northern Samar.

He also admitted that illegal fishing practices are still rampant in the area.

“Unless the local government unit concerned, particularly San Isidro stops the manufacturing under their noses of blasting caps in Palanit, this illegal action will not stop. It is common knowledge already but no police action happens,” he said.

The official maintained that fishers caught in blast fishing under Section 92 of the Fisheries Code are liable for immediate imprisonment.

Once proven administratively liable, they will be fined Php 30,000 for municipal fishers and Php 300,000 to Php 3,000,000 for commercial fishers. 

In addition, when convicted by the court, they will face prison terms that will range from 5 to 10 years. By Marie Tonette Marticio

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