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About Us

Eastern Visayas Mail started its operations in February 2000, through the effort of Ms. Lalaine Marcos, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.

Lalaine built her business based on her deep experience in newspapering, which started in 1983 as a news reporter for Eastern Visayas News. This was followed with a stint with the now-defunct The Reporter in 1989.

After a few years, in 1982, she became the marketing manager for Leyte-Samar Daily Express, then editor and writer of its weekly counterpart, the West Leyte Weekly Express.

Seeing the business potential of a newspaper, she gathered capital – borrowing from family and friends – and was able to come up with P250,000. She used this to start today’s 18-year old Eastern Visayas Mail.

The first issue of the EV Mail, as it is popularly known, was dated February 14-20, 2000. They printed 500 copies and distributed these within Ormoc and selected people (future subscribers) outside the city. It was a three-manned team then – 1 Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, 1 Business Manager, and 1 Administrative Assistant, who served as secretary and all-around help. The two former position-holders, meanwhile, also served as news writer and photographer, all at once.

In 2006, EV Mail launched its website (https://www.evmailnews.net/) to reach more readers. This was a pioneering move at the time. The website, up to this day, allows readers to view the digital issue of the EV Mail newspaper one week after its print release. Thus, keeping readers outside of Ormoc – expats, OFWs, immigrants, and even those in other Philippine provinces – updated of what was happening in Eastern Visayas.

When Facebook came in, EV Mail also created a Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/OrmocEVMail/), that is interweaved with EV Mail’s website contents; and is used in showing FB live coverages of events as well as sharing important news items from other legitimate sources.

Finally, in 2016, EV Mail management decided to buy airtime from Radyo Natin (formerly Hot FM) 107.1 Ormoc to accommodate a one-hour radio program that airs from Monday to Saturday (9am-10am), aptly named, EV Mail Sa Radyo, which delivers EV Mail followers’ daily news needs.

The same radio program also goes live on Facebook while broadcasting over Radyo Natin, reaching more listeners and followers.

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